jessica (wiresnwaves) wrote,

teaching me to dance

jessica - and i still think of you on cold winter mornings says:
i got off the bus and i was like
jessica - and i still think of you on cold winter mornings says:
shit i feel sick
jessica - and i still think of you on cold winter mornings says:
and then i just.. was sick. in the street.

pretty much sums up my night last night. haha. so, recently i went to worcester and i was in my friend luke's video. it was pretty much the most fun i've had in ages. absolutely awesome. me and emma had a proper 'bonding' session, (as if we weren't close enough already.) and she came away from it with a new boy on the go!

last night, i'm not sure whether to say it was jokes or if it got a little tiresome at the end. we found out we couldn't stay at del's after new slang, so we planned to just get night buses home. it takes about 2 and a half hours to get from kingston to bexleyheath on the night bus, so we had planned to just stay up all night and we would go to our lectures/work in the morning straight away when we got home with no sleep. haha. well, it sort of worked out, apart from me realising we'd actually not make our last bexleyheath bus when we were still in kingston. then i was adamant on sleeping in the doorway of eden kebab, hahaha. we decided sleeping in the doorway of eden kebab was probably not a safe option, and after much deliberating we decided to head back to central london and try and find ways home from there. we got to london around 4.30am, and upon finding a 24hr tescos, i came up with what may just have been the best idea ever. 'hey guys why don't we go into tesco's and get some more drink? you know, hair of the dog and all.' unsurprisingly, no one else was up for it. i realised i could get a night but back to sidcup at 5am and walk home, so i chose to do that, forgetting the walk home takes like an hour and a half. i arrived home at like 8 or something. it was really odd being on the bus and watching the sun go up, it made me wish i had stayed with emma and manda who were camping out at the station until their first train. so anyway. i woke up this morning with cherry vk all over my arms, and it's stained and won't come off. it's also ruined my white cardigan which is quite simply not on. i'm really into the fact that i was pretending to people that emma did not infact, spill a cherry vk all over me, but there were meant to be pink stains on my cardigan because i was so 'nu rave'.
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